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Finding Home

When we moved to Philadelphia just over 3 years ago, I was convinced that it would be a temporary relocation to the east coast and that we would eventually make our way “home.”  Maybe not specifically back to Portland, but at least the west coast.  Now, we have had to contemplate the future and a few decisions that could affect where we live and I am genuinely surprised that my preference is to stay in Philadelphia.

I do miss my family and the laid-back, pleasant, vibe that is pervasive in the pacific northwest, but more and more I feel that Philadelphia fits our life and personalities.  We have developed great friendships here.  The food scene is fantastic and highly underrated (and I am very, very food driven!).  We are close to NYC, but don’t have to pay NYC prices.  There are lots of things to do and see, you just have to seek them out.  Honestly, Philadelphia is, in many ways, a gem of a city that has surprised and grown on us and does, in fact, feel like home.

Where is home for you?  And is it where you alway thought it would be?