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29 and Counting.

29 is a bit of a non-event as birthdays go, so I suppose it’s appropriate that I don’t feel much like celebrating.  In fact, I made the executive decision to cancel our reservation at a lovely little BYOB and stay in to drink Belgian beers and eat a mishmash of leftovers for dinner.

I feel like 29 is definitely a goal-setting year, though.  By 30 you are supposed to have accomplished things.  You know, important things.  Important what?  Well, I suppose that is for each individual to decide.  And decide, I must!  (Right?)  So instead of eating gourmet seafood, I am home pondering what I feel I must accomplish in the next 365 days.

I have some highfalutin ideas in mind, but, as I am a bit tipsy on 10% alcohol beers, I will start with just remembering to wash my face and put on eye cream…

And, as my dinner of brown rice, cheddar cheese, tomatillo salsa and red pepper hummus is less than photogenic (but tasty!  trust me…), I leave you with this.  Come back next year and see if you can count more wrinkles on my face…