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More Blues…

It must be the changing season, but I’m increasingly in love with all shades of dark blue.  I love the looks these ladies are rocking:

What colors are you craving as fall approaches?

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Lady Crush – Miroslava Duma

Squeee!  I mean, ahem, how exciting!  Okay, now that I have composed myself, let me tell you what had me ‘squee-ing’ like a fangirl.  Russian style-setter and petite beauty, Miroslava Duma, has been doing outfits posts, like this:

And this:

And this:

She is chic and adorable and I love that I can now spy on her outfits on a regular basis.

Check out her outfits on Buro 24/7.

Lady Dior Shanghai Blue

Yesterday, the latest mini-film in the Lady Dior series was launched.  Written and directed by David Lynch, of Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive fame, the film stars Dior spokeswoman Marion Cotillard as a traveler to Shanghai who is haunted by a feeling of déjá vu.  The feel is distinctly Lynch, and it veers towards cheesy in some moments, but if you have an extra 16 minutes it is worth the watch simply for Marion’s expressiveness – the lady can emote!  Oh, and the bag is beautiful if you have an extra couple thousand dollars to spend…

Michelle Williams takes a short cut

These new photos of Michelle Williams out and about in NYC with her new spring haircut are not helping me in my endeavor to grow out my hair.

Shorter and blonder suit her so well.  She obviously looks fantastic with long hair, but I think this cut looks incredibly natural with her face and style.  She’s even rocking the jean jacket look I have been spying everywhere.

Seriously though, she and Ginnifer Goodwin are conspiring to make me undo all the months of patiently putting up with hair that doesn’t do what I want it to in hopes that it will get past my shoulders and behave.

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I don’t watch the Hills (ETA: okay, so she’s actually on ‘The City’.  Shows how much I watch reality tv – or maybe the shows are so similar that I wouldn’t notice a difference even if I did watch!), but I have been aware of Olivia Palermo for a few years due to my perusal of socialite-centric fashion blogs. Before bursting onto the reality tv scene, Olivia was feuding with Tinsley Mortimer on the social circuit. I don’t care much for the drama, but I do adore her style.

There’s always something intricate, whether an accessory or detailing on a jacket, but it doesn’t go overboard.  Also, unlike some other social climber, ahem Paris Hilton, when she does ‘sexy’ it doesn’t involve showing every inch of skin.  That’s something that mirrors my aesthetic as I don’t feel comfortable putting everything on show – she proves that you can look gorgeous in an outfit that hides as much as it reveals.

For more of her style, you can catch her over at Vogue UK where she is documenting her April outfits for all to see.