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Got Grub?

I love food.  I adore trying new restaurants, especially when they live up to the hype.  And, I am captivated by food blogs.

My latest obsession is The Grub Street Diet column on  I now want to be friends with Jonathan Adler, and not just because he has a dog that looks like my pomeranian’s younger sibling.

Not only does he love rhubarb, but he has no self control when it comes to sweets – I can completely relate.  And, he worked in the phrase “harshed my mellow” into his diary entry, which totally cracked me up and won me over.

Catherine Malandrino also seems like my kind of foodie friend.

Between her love of coconut water, dancing, seafood, cocktails…after reading her diary, you just know she would be all sorts of  fun to hang with.

Check out theirs and all other Grub Street Diet entries.   Who’s your gastronomic match?


Cinnamon Rolls

When I have free time, I get antsy.  For one or two days I am fine, but once all my DVR’d shows are watched, I get bored.  Inevitably, I start baking.  This time I went for cinnamon rolls.

It all begins with dough, cream cheese frosting, and cinnamon sugar.

Combine the dough and the cinnamon sugar and roll it up!

Ignore the pan that is in dire need of replacing, please.

I have already eaten 2…and guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow?

Are you into baking?  If not, what do you do with your free time?