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Fashion Week Sideliners

True, the main events during any fashion week are the shows.  Nonetheless, some of my favorite moments are from the people who attend the shows. My fashion-forward favorite, Anna Dello Russo never disappoints:

At Chloé

At Givenchy

At Balenciaga

At Christian Dior

Who’s your favorite fashion week fixture?



Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

I am in a New York and McQueen state of mind.  After weeks of drooling over the online photos, I am finally going to see the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at the Met.  Weekends have been hectic with friends’ weddings and other commitments, but I am taking this Sunday for myself and McQueen.

In anticipation, I perused the Resort 2012 collection.  A few of my favorites:

While Sarah Burton’s McQueen is slightly softer around the edges and perhaps less theatrical, it’s no less powerful.  This collection is pitch perfect for my style, if only I could afford it!  It balances on the knife’s edge of feminine, never tipping into frou frou.  If my husband and I ever decide to renew our vows, I can guarantee I will be wearing that white dress.

I am not the best photographer and my husband who has the artist’s touch with a camera is out of town in London – yes, I am jealous, my weekend trip was not nearly enough time to soak in that city.  However, I will see what I can do with the camera at the exhibit and post anything that happens to be decent.  Has anyone else gone to the “Savage Beauty” exhibit?


Burberry Prorsum Resort 2012

How I dearly wish it was weather for these clothes instead of the unbearable mugginess and heat that has hit Philadelphia.

I adore all the saturated colors.  Burberry knows how to do outerwear.  The lines are classic, but the colors and details make it all new.  I wish I had an infinite wardrobe budget because I would buy every last piece of this collection.  See all the looks here.

Balmain Fall 2011 RTW

Balmain is made for rock stars, and how I wish I was a rock star because then draping myself in this year’s collection would make a lot more sense than if I wore it all to my current job.  Also, if I happened to be a rock star, I would actually be able to afford Balmain.  In particular, the following looks:

End of the Show

If you haven’t heard about the John Galliano catastrophe, you’ve probably been living under a rock (or reading an actual book  and doing activities that don’t require technology, if so, good for you, I really should do more of that myself).

At first, I didn’t make a judgment about whether or not it was true, and then the video came out.  And now his legacy is that of a genius designer whose heinous bigotry and disgusting remarks brought down a prolific career.  I have no idea if those are his true beliefs, or if he was simply incredibly drunk and angry and hurled what he thought would be the most hurtful insult.  Ultimately, I don’t care – one way or another, he said what he said and there is absolutely no excuse.

I would say what a shame for the fashion world, but I don’t know if that is the right word.  Is it really a shame to displace someone who has shown himself to be a bigot?  He is an incredible talent, but maybe this will pave the way for other talents to shine, and those talents will belong to people who don’t hold such disturbing beliefs about people of any religions, race, gender, etc…

As for the Christian Dior show that served as the last showcase of Galliano’s work for the brand, it began with a speech by CEO Sidney Toledano, assuring those gathered (and listening around the world) that the “heart of the House of Dior” would go on beating, kept strong by its foundation, namely the seamstresses and craftspeople who turn the designers visions into reality.  Fittingly, the show was ended with an appearance by those same men and women in lieu of Galliano’s typical grand exit.

Some highlights of the show:

Photo Credit:


I have a case of fashion ennui. Or, rather, I hate everything I own. This is problematic because, and this may sound ridiculous coming from someone who adores consuming all the runway shows, I hate shopping. It’s bizarre, I know.

It stems from a few things. First, I am picky. I might like a design, but dislike the fabric. I’m petite, so fit is a big issue and I need things to be just so because I’m lazy and know it will take me years (yep, literally years, true story) to take something in to get tailored.  Second, I am on a budget.  Coming out of school with massive debt and minimal employment restricts the options by quite a lot.  Third, my wardrobe has to be pretty specific because I am entering the legal field.  This means that ‘conservative’ will be the story of my life until I am a big shot and my wardrobe decisions don’t affect the perception of my work.  Therefore, shopping is really not my favorite activity and probably won’t be until Burberry, and not Banana Republic, makes up most of my wardrobe – it’s going to be a while, folks.

In the meantime, I wander through stores dismissing things left and right, eventually walking out frustrated and dejected and, inevitably, heading back to good old Banana where at least I can find things that are the correct length and work appropriate, even if they are mundane.

Do you ever go through phases where you cannot stand anything in your closet?  Well, I leave you with dreams of my favorites of the S/S RTW 2011 Burberry Prorsum courtesy of

Hot, no?

3 Weeks and Counting…

In exactly 3 weeks NYC Fashion Week begins!  I luuurve fashion week not only for all the runway shows, but also because of all the street photography of the attendees and the models rushing between shows.

This year, I have the rare opportunity, rare for me anyway, of being both close to NYC and having lots of free time.  So, I think that I will try to make it up for at least a day or two and simply hang out near the Lincoln Center and people watch.  I hope to catch a glimpse of:

(photo credit: Citizen Couture)

Or, maybe:

(photo credit: Getty Images)

Or, if I wait long enough, and am lucky, then maybe even:

(photo credit:

If you want to look at the schedule for the shows, check out:  I think, regardless of whether or not I end up sitting outside the Lincoln Center, I will make it to Fashion’s Night Out on September 10th.  The online schedule is fantastic and can tell you which stores are participating in which neighborhoods.  Last year Marc Jacobs was on the scene making the rounds between his two stores.  It sounds like a great time – I love a good street party!

Anyone actually going to the shows?  Do tell!