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Savage Beauty

After several planned trips were cancelled, I finally made it to the Met to see the Savage Beauty Alexander McQueen exhibit.

It was, in a word, breathtaking.

By the time I arrived, much later than planned due to a no-show Megabus, the wait for the exhibit was at 2 hours.  Luckily, I noticed a sign that informed me that with the purchase of membership, you could bypass the line!  One membership form later, I made my way past the thongs of of people and arrived face to face with pieces I have admired for years.

The exhibit spanned his career and included pieces from even his master’s thesis, donated by Daphne Guinness from the Isabella Blow collection, up to his last collection.  There was a room devoted solely to the accessories that punctuated his shows and put the finishing touches on the outfits he created.  Scattered across the walls were quotes from McQueen that detailed his philosophy in general, or the particular inspiration for a collection.

What I find amazing is how he was able to take the macabre, the bizarre, the violent, and turn it beautiful – it’s that ability that makes the exhibit’s title so apt.

Not only were the gowns stunning, but also, the way he presented his clothes was singular.  Videos of his most unique “fashion shows” decorated the walls, putting in motion some of the gowns frozen in front of the viewers.  The chessboard of models, the dark carousel, the Kate Moss hologram.

Most of all, the exhibit reminded me of what a genius we lost.  While I admire Sarah Burton and how she has continued the Alexander McQueen brand, the man himself was inspired and twisted and dark and beautiful and irreplaceable.

The exhibit ends next Sunday.





Guess Who



If you immediately recognized this as Paris Hilton, then you have a better eye than me.  It took me until these photos to see any resemblance:

She’s in the new edition of V Magazine going for an edgy look that couldn’t be further from her cotton candy pink persona.  The article discusses the way she shifts between her baby girl  voice to her real one depending on the point to be made.

I’ve never really liked Paris Hilton, but I have always suspected that she is smarter than she let herself appear in public, trading on her looks and sex appeal rather than her intellect.  It seems like she is trying to let that smarter side shine through a bit in her new reality show.

Check out the rest of the photoshoot and the article at V Magazine.

Lady Crush – Miroslava Duma

Squeee!  I mean, ahem, how exciting!  Okay, now that I have composed myself, let me tell you what had me ‘squee-ing’ like a fangirl.  Russian style-setter and petite beauty, Miroslava Duma, has been doing outfits posts, like this:

And this:

And this:

She is chic and adorable and I love that I can now spy on her outfits on a regular basis.

Check out her outfits on Buro 24/7.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

I am in a New York and McQueen state of mind.  After weeks of drooling over the online photos, I am finally going to see the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at the Met.  Weekends have been hectic with friends’ weddings and other commitments, but I am taking this Sunday for myself and McQueen.

In anticipation, I perused the Resort 2012 collection.  A few of my favorites:

While Sarah Burton’s McQueen is slightly softer around the edges and perhaps less theatrical, it’s no less powerful.  This collection is pitch perfect for my style, if only I could afford it!  It balances on the knife’s edge of feminine, never tipping into frou frou.  If my husband and I ever decide to renew our vows, I can guarantee I will be wearing that white dress.

I am not the best photographer and my husband who has the artist’s touch with a camera is out of town in London – yes, I am jealous, my weekend trip was not nearly enough time to soak in that city.  However, I will see what I can do with the camera at the exhibit and post anything that happens to be decent.  Has anyone else gone to the “Savage Beauty” exhibit?


Burberry Prorsum Resort 2012

How I dearly wish it was weather for these clothes instead of the unbearable mugginess and heat that has hit Philadelphia.

I adore all the saturated colors.  Burberry knows how to do outerwear.  The lines are classic, but the colors and details make it all new.  I wish I had an infinite wardrobe budget because I would buy every last piece of this collection.  See all the looks here.

A Modern Look

I never dreamed of being a model, or even a famous actress who graces the covers of magazines.  I do, however, have moments of envy when I see photoshoots like that of Emma Watson for July 2011 Vogue.  The wardrobe is astonishingly beautiful, modern without being too “futuristic” and truly just shines.

Tom Ford chain-mail top.  Undercover skirt.

Prada pailette dress.

Dolce & Gabbana dress.  Alexander McQueen thigh-high boots.

But, if I can’t be in these to die for treads, then I am glad it’s Emma Watson.  She has a striking resemblance to my childhood best friend’s sister and comes across as down to earth and sweet in every interview I have read.  Also, I love that she chopped off her hair, she looks great with a pixie cut.

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NYC’s Most Stylish

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