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Music Moment: No Speak Americano

I’m mildly obsessed with this song:


Today I…

…Went to the gym even though I am crazy sore from yoga yesterday

…Rode my bike for the first time in months

…Washed my dogs, which is no easy feat when a pomeranian mix is involved – Lucy wasn’t very happen about it, either:

Birthday Wishes

My birthday is approaching and this is on my wish list:

This will spruce up my office during the long hours in 2012…

Fashion’s Night Out Blues

No, I’m not sad about the fact that I won’t be making it up to NYC on September 8th for the annual Fashion’s Night Out.  While I think it would be a great time and awesome people watching, the crowds are bound to be insane.

Instead, I speak of the beautiful cobalt items that weaved through Vogue’s 100 under $100 falls picks – some from the FNO participants.  With fall upon us, this deep jewel tone just calls me.

See the rest of the Vogue picks here.

Will you be braving the crowds for a glimpse of some of the fashion world’s superstars?  Or will you, like me, simply peruse the blogs on September 9th for shots of the scenery?

The In-Between

With September quickly approaching, I have noticed a change in the air.  It’s not yet cold, but the sweltering heat, morning, noon and night, has been replaced with something akin to cool in the early morning and evening.  It’s the kind of weather that has me itching for scarves and layers and jackets.

Outerwear is my weakness, truly.  And yet, I am realizing that I have nothing to fill the gap until my big winter coats are required.  It seems I was overzealous with my closet clean-out this spring…All the more reason to go on the hunt for the perfect in-between cover-up.

I am leaning towards blazer territory.  You can dress them up or down, throw them on over a dress or pants, extend their shelf life by layering with t-shirts and scarves and boots.

During lunchtime, I wandered into J.Crew and found this little, simple, beauty.

I love the classic navy, with the gold buttons, because it allows for bright accents such as the the styling here with pink pants and a leather clutch.

What outerwear takes you through the fall?

Loafing Around

As with pretty much everyone else in the world right now, I am head over heels with loafer heels.  To me, this Tory Burch Belinda model is the perfect, most versatile pair:

If you want something a little more standout to make a neutral outfit pop, there’s also this Howie pair, with a more substantial heel:

I haven’t yet bought a pair – I’m pondering the right pick and, of course, most of the ones I like are not cheap.  If you had to pick, which would you choose?


Stripes, ahoy!

I need this shirt.

Too bad already own about a million striped shirts.  If I bring home one more, my husband will think I am officially crazy.

But this is the classic Saint James, so maybe he will understand?  Le sigh.