Behind the Times

Since starting work, I have consistently behind on the news…particularly fashion and entertainment.

For example, have you seen this awesome photo shoot in W Magazine of Rooney Mara, aka the new Lisbeth Salander?

Of course you have, it’s been all over the place.

Or how about Karl Lagerfeld’s thoughts on Emmanuelle Alt, the heir to Carine Roitfeld’s title of Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris?

From NYMag:

“Her style is her big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out,” the designer said. “I personally like her. She’s a handsome French woman. She has a style, but is it enough to make a whole magazine?”

Lagerfeld said he would reserve judgment until Alt has produced a few issues, and he held out hope she would bring change, the engine of fashion. “As editor in chief, she may blossom,” he said.

Oh, Karl.  He is certainly not one to sugarcoat his thoughts.  Though I think that’s probably part of what got him to where he is now, having a definite vision and opinion.  But you probably already read about that, too.

Oh well, I shall leave you with a pretty photo as a consolation prize for reading a blog that is behind the times.  Carine Roitfeld’s second-to-last Vogue Paris cover, featuring Lara Stone:


  1. I actually hadn’t seen these shots of Rooney Mara. Love them! And thanks for your comment – hope you’re staying warm!

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