Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Full disclosure: I did not watch the Golden Globes.  I did, however, refresh multiple online sources to check out all the red carpet fashion I could handle!  I used to love the actual shows, but I don’t have the stamina to endure anymore.  4 hours of Korean dramas?  I can totally handle that.  4 hours of awards and bad presenters’ speeches?  Not anymore.  I guess I am getting old.

I would say that overall I wasn’t wowed by the sartorial choices made my majority of the stars.  However, there were some standouts.

Leighton has made some, shall we say bold, choices in a number of her appearances.  I admire her guts, even if I am not 100% on board with the actual outfit.  Here, though, I think she managed to choose something unexpected – sleeves, slightly country in an homage to her Country Strong role, perhaps? – that really worked out well.  It has a bit of a June Carter Cash feel to it, but with enough modern touches (the shoes, the earring, the bag) to hold its own in 2011.

Also going the route of long sleeves and neutral colors was Anne Hathaway, though with a decidedly different feel than Leighton.  I find this Anne Hathaway absolutely mesmerizing in this dress.  Maybe it’s her megawatt smile, the outrageous shininess, or maybe it’s her beautiful back:

Whatever that ‘it factor’ is, she has got it and is flaunting it in this dress.

Last in my line-up of the neutral shades, and heading into shorter sleeved territory, is Sandra Bullock. I am a bit perplexed at the too-heavy bangs, but I am not at all confused as to why she chose the dress.  It’s just so pretty, and breezy, and it looks comfortable.  The one-shoulder ensures that the dress is staying up, the slightly loose layers on the bodice portion are forgiving and the material probably doesn’t weigh a ton and actually moves, making this an easy choice if you want to look great and be able to actually breathe and move.

We are now entering the ‘vibrant color’ portion of my favorites list.  I envy people who can wear this color and Kyra Sedgwick is wearing the hell out of it.  My skin has too much of a yellow undertone to pull this off, but I enjoy seeing others do it justice.  The gold jewelry and the green stones (can anyone help me out with the name of that jewel?) pull it all together just so.

I just don’t think this dress has received as much attention as it should on all the GG wrap-ups.  The ‘not-quite-navy’ color is stunning and the tulle overlay keeps it from being just another strapless dress.

This may have been my favorite look of the evening.  I say ‘may’ because I am a Libra and decisive decisions aren’t my forté, but I am definitely leaning towards a yes.  The dress is gorgeous, but it also simply suits her incredibly well.  The color, the cut, all flatter Mila.  The texture and the way the fabric is pulled against the bodice and train are all another great example, like Mandy’s dress above, of how details can take a familiar look and make it outstanding.  I also love how Mila kept the adornments simple, just the bracelet stands out.  A big necklace, or even gigantic earrings, would have competed too much with the texture and the volume on the one shoulder.

Okay, one last look, I call this the wild card:

I don’t know if anyone else could have pulled this off, but January Jones has a history of unexpected choices and, to me, this suits her.  I think she definitely tries to break the “Betty Draper” mold when she is off-duty.  It was a smart choice to keep the hair and makeup so classic, though it still screams screen siren.  The bodice, well, it highlights her great chest, that is for sure.  But I love its architectural look, and she is tall and statuesque enough to pull it off without looking crass.  Feel free to disagree, I know this is a controversial choice around the internet, but the more I look at it, the more I love it.

So, those are my favorite ladies of the evening.  Anyone have any other favorites to throw into the mix?

  1. I love your picks – i was checking these beautiful outfits on – i really like Anne Hathaway’s and Mila’s dress. I agree with you on the wild card outfit, very sexy but also elegant! January Jones reminds me a blonde version of eva green for some reason..

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