Happy New Year!  I’m not sad to say goodbye to 2010.  Some great things happened – I graduated law school, found a great job, passed the bar – but I do not want to relive some of the more trying times that I endured before getting to those milestones – final exams, studying for and taking 2 bar exams, being jobless for several months and wearing a dent the shape of my ass into the couch, job interviews.

I hope 2010 was overall a great year for everyone.  If not, then I hope that 2011 brings better fortune your way!

I used to make lots of resolutions, but honestly, it’s tiring and I am nothing if not at least half lazy.  Lots of good intentions, but I lose it on the follow-through.  This year, I just want to put a lot of effort into my job, be a good friend/wife/daughter, and try to be more actively compassionate, either with my time or money.  I think these are achievable goals that I will remember to work on during the year.

Weelll, one more fashion-related resolution, now that I actually have a paycheck (hallelujah!) and can do some shopping, I resolve to only make purchases of clothing, shoes, accessories that I really love and rid my closet of everything that is not flattering, never gets worn, is getting ratty, or that I begrudgingly wear, but just don’t like and haven’t managed to throw out.

How about you?  Do you make/keep resolutions?


  1. Well, you can’t be too lazy if you managed to pass the bar. Happy New Year, my dear!

  2. Happy New Year! it’s been a while since i last visited your blog. many congratulations on passing your bar and finding a great job! i definitely have some resolutions this year 🙂 looking for more of your posts in 2011 😀

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