Time Flies

I don’t even know where the past 5 weeks have gone.  I started a part-time job last month and just yesterday I got an offer for a full-time attorney position, which is going to tax my free time like nobody’s business (please note, I am not complaining…I could not be more grateful for the opportunity!).  I certainly haven’t been using my free-time wisely anyway.

On the fashion front, I have been living in suits, so nothing exciting to report.  As a legal newbie, I haven’t yet earned the right to waltz into the office in whatever I please.  Starting a new job in a week especially means that I have to play it safe until I know exactly what will fly and what will not.  I will be splitting my time between two practice areas, one which will require trips to the courthouse and one which will not, so until I know the schedule, more suits it is!  To be honest, I don’t mind suits.  It’s a uniform that is easy to throw on in the morning and I know I will be presentable.  The challenge for me, as I wade further into the professional world, is to expand my suit collection beyond the basics and learn the boundaries for accessorizing.  With experience comes freedom for being eccentric, both in actions and dress, in the legal world, and I haven’t earned the right just yet to maneuver outside the mold.

How do you all balance your work life and fashion preferences?

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