I have a case of fashion ennui. Or, rather, I hate everything I own. This is problematic because, and this may sound ridiculous coming from someone who adores consuming all the runway shows, I hate shopping. It’s bizarre, I know.

It stems from a few things. First, I am picky. I might like a design, but dislike the fabric. I’m petite, so fit is a big issue and I need things to be just so because I’m lazy and know it will take me years (yep, literally years, true story) to take something in to get tailored.  Second, I am on a budget.  Coming out of school with massive debt and minimal employment restricts the options by quite a lot.  Third, my wardrobe has to be pretty specific because I am entering the legal field.  This means that ‘conservative’ will be the story of my life until I am a big shot and my wardrobe decisions don’t affect the perception of my work.  Therefore, shopping is really not my favorite activity and probably won’t be until Burberry, and not Banana Republic, makes up most of my wardrobe – it’s going to be a while, folks.

In the meantime, I wander through stores dismissing things left and right, eventually walking out frustrated and dejected and, inevitably, heading back to good old Banana where at least I can find things that are the correct length and work appropriate, even if they are mundane.

Do you ever go through phases where you cannot stand anything in your closet?  Well, I leave you with dreams of my favorites of the S/S RTW 2011 Burberry Prorsum courtesy of Vogue.com:

Hot, no?

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