Are you a cold or hot weather type of person?  I’m absolutely a cold-weather type of girl.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Alaska (though I don’t love when it gets below 0 degrees), or because I am so pale and I don’t really tan, but I would rather be in weather that requires layers than in heat and sun and the requisite skimpy outfits.

It felt like Philadelphia was finally coasting towards autumn.  Last week was mild, with even hint of a chill in the air at night.  Unfortunately, this week the heat has come roaring back.  I’m relegated to wearing all my loose, short clothing to survive any trip outside.  I’d much rather be wearing this:

Old Navy Womens V-Neck Tees
$13 –
V neck t shirt »

Rick Owens Leather biker jacket
$2,675 –
Biker jacket »

190 EUR –
Scarves »

I’m crushing on grey jeans at the moment and I adore motorcycle jackets and a touch of leopard print. Must have sunglasses because cool temperatures don’t mean you don’t still need sun protection.

What do you wish you were wearing/able to wear right now?

  1. Clothes-wise, I’m a cold weather person. I love dressing for fall in layers of leather and wool. But when that New England winter sets in, I will most certainly be missing the weather we’re having now!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

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