Emmy’s 2010

I watched about 5 minutes of the Emmy’s last night.  The intro was hilarious – Jon Hamm and Betty White were amazing!  But, the actual show bores me.  However, the red carpet, that’s where the fun is (minus the godawful banter by the interviewers).

My favorites all had a common theme – texture.

Keri Russell in vintage Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture

This is a gorgeous color on Keri.  The fit is slightly off, a bit baggy up top, but nothing drastic.  She accessorized it beautifully.  The clutch is classic and the gold pairs nicely with the bright pink.  I also think the hair was a great touch – loose and flowy, but sophisticated.

Emily Deschanel in Max Azria Atelier

There may have been a few too many tiers, but I am too enamored of the color and the chest line to care!

Jayma Mays in Burberry

Dios mio, I love Burberry.  And I love Jayma Mays in this Burberry.  It’s simple at the top, which balances out the ruffly train.  It’s a great color, different from the bright colors and safe neutrals.  Also, the golden necklace and bracelets are a great contrast to the deep navy.

Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta

I don’t think the dress is necessarily the greatest.  The random ‘squiggles’ don’t sit particularly well with me, but the fit is fantastic.  She looks comfortable and confident.  The train is great, too, and I like the beading around the bottom, but not the bodice.

January Jones in Versace

I know that this is ‘the’ controversial dress of the Emmy’s, but I love it!  I really wish she had done something more with the hair, but given how strong the dress is, I can understand the choice to take the hair down a notch (or five).  I think the color is beautiful on her and the texture reminds me of a peacock, in the best way possible.

There are some people that I root for, and for whom I wish the best…like Christina Hendricks.  I disagreed with all the commotion over her Golden Globes dress – I thought she looked beautiful.  However, I agree with the critics who disliked her Zac Posen dress last night.

The color was fantastic, but the feathers?  Maybe the feathers on the skirt would have been okay, but the sleeves are too much.  I like the bodice, and I think the if it had been simple cap sleeves, it would have turned out a lot better.

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