3 Weeks and Counting…

In exactly 3 weeks NYC Fashion Week begins!  I luuurve fashion week not only for all the runway shows, but also because of all the street photography of the attendees and the models rushing between shows.

This year, I have the rare opportunity, rare for me anyway, of being both close to NYC and having lots of free time.  So, I think that I will try to make it up for at least a day or two and simply hang out near the Lincoln Center and people watch.  I hope to catch a glimpse of:

(photo credit: Citizen Couture)

Or, maybe:

(photo credit: Getty Images)

Or, if I wait long enough, and am lucky, then maybe even:

(photo credit: Vogue.com)

If you want to look at the schedule for the shows, check out: http://newyork.mbfashionweek.com/.  I think, regardless of whether or not I end up sitting outside the Lincoln Center, I will make it to Fashion’s Night Out on September 10th.  The online schedule is fantastic and can tell you which stores are participating in which neighborhoods.  Last year Marc Jacobs was on the scene making the rounds between his two stores.  It sounds like a great time – I love a good street party!

Anyone actually going to the shows?  Do tell!

  1. I wish I was in NYC just for this occasion. I’m feeling the excitement already and I’m stuck in Tokyo haha

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