No. Just, no.

Stirrup pants.  What more can I really say?

Where did I see these lovely reminders of middle school fashion atrocities?  Zara.  I was browsing yesterday with some of my lady friends and we stumbled across these and stared in silent horror for a good 10 seconds.  I did both leggings and stirrup pants when I was in elementary/middle school.  I still haven’t succumbed to leggings this time around and I am even less likely to wear stirrup pants.  Some things need to remain in the past.  I remember how they would be baggy around my legs and how I would wear multiple brightly colored socks and scrunch them down around my Reebok high tops.

Am I being ridiculous?  Would any of you actually wear stirrup pants?

  1. wow these remind me as a child in the 80s! are they really back..?!

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