So, I took the bar exam almost 2 weeks ago.  Then, I had a fantastic trip visiting my wonderful family and best friends in Portland and Seattle where I OD’d on coffee.  Isn’t this a beautiful latte from Caffé Vita (Seattle)?

I ate…and ate…and ate.

(Lemongrass Panna Cotta from Departure, Portland)

(Almond Croissants and Macarons from Le Panier, Seattle)

(Lots and lots of Korean Food in Auburn)

Now I am home and am taking the next week to catch up on sleep – it’s amazing how little sleep you can get when you are on vacation and trying to see a million people – and to clean up our place and to fill my head with all the gossip and fashion blogs I can handle because I have been deprived!  I just watched the premiere episode of the Rachel Zoe Project’s third season.  Dios mio, I love Brad (Rachel, too, but Brad!)!  Speaking of Rachel Zoe, I love this series of photos featuring her and some major designers in Harper’s Bazaar.  It would seem that the theme is ‘fashion victim,’ or possibly, ‘I Die!,’  in the most literal sense.

(Rachel and Marc Jacobs)

(Rachel and Michael Kors)

(Rachel and Vera Wang)

Anyhow, I feel a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I am thrilled to be back in the blogosphere now that all my energy and creativity are not sapped by studying.  I hope everyone has been well and I look forward to catching up on all your posts!

  1. Congratulations on finally being over with the studying, sounds like you need some serious rest!

    Funny editorial… can’t say that i really follow miss RZ but she must be doing something right!


  2. yummy xxx

  3. welcome back to the blogsphere! Missed your posts 😀 good to hear you’ve have time to relax!

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