As is evidenced by the lack of posts in, oh, forever, I am being a bad blogger.  I blame the bar…sadly, not the booze-filled kind of bar, but the bar exam.  It’s a sweet test that will only make or break my ability to get a job as an attorney.  Just when you think you did something pretty cool, like graduate from law school, you are quickly reminded that it’s not over yet.  Expect things to be quiet until after July 29th.  I may or may not post in the meantime, but judging from the ridiculous amounts of things I still need to re-learn, it’s probably not likely.

Hope all is well for everyone out there!  See you in August…

  1. Oh good luck with the studying and the exam… i know how hard it is 🙂 Have a good summer!!!


  2. Best of LUCK!


  3. Good luck! looking forward to your posts when you’re back ^_^

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