Beat the Heat

I am officially a law school graduate, but I find myself at school every day from 9 – 1 and studying at night once more.  Bar exam classes and assignments have consumed me!  Just when I thought I was finished with school…but this means that I see people every day and am not just huddled on the couch soaking up the air conditioning, so I have to make an effort to look presentable.  This is problematic.  I’m I am not a summer weather kind of lady.  I grew up in Alaska and remember wearing jeans and sweaters while camping in the middle of July, but now I am in Philadelphia where the humidity hits hard and fast and is killing me!  It was a shock to the system last summer (my first full summer on the east coast) and I don’t know that I am handling it any better this summer.

Quite on point, Jezebel has addressed this issue today in an article appropriately titled ‘How to Not Look Like Crap When it’s Hot.’  Loose articles of clothing, light colors, natural fabrics are all the go-to items.

Sadie Stein, the author of the post, came up with the above Polyvore collage to illustrate her advice.

I am reluctant to spend much money on summer clothes as a) I really dislike summer clothes.  I’m a fall kind of girl in my preferences for both weather and style and b) I don’t usually need them to be of high quality fabric or even last that long, so H&M and Zara are my shops of choice for whatever I do manage to purchase.  This will likely change next summer when I am working, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Do you like the hot hot heat and humidity?  If so, why?!  And, more specifically, how do you dress to stay (relatively) cool?

    • Anne
    • June 6th, 2010

    I prefer buying and wearing Fall clothes as well! In the Summer though I wear a lot of knee-length or shorter skirts because they’re light, airy, comfortable and easy to dress up or down.

  1. I havent used polyvore is a long while.. a lovely selection, especially the shirt dress!

  1. June 6th, 2010

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