Denim Toppings

I am kicking myself for getting rid of my perfectly broken-in, faded in the right places, GAP denim jacket from college.  It was years ago that I sent it packing to Goodwill, but I still remember it well.  It would be just right for the transitional weather Philadelphia is experiencing right now, as well as, quite on trend as evidenced by some major style-influencers.

Chloe Sevigny in Brooklyn

Nicole Richie on her way to/from driving school.

I don’t really do faded denim, so Nicole’s jacket is more my style…in fact it looks exactly like the jacket I used to have!  I will have to peruse the GAP and maybe even turn to thrift shops, though I rarely do as I lack the patience it normally takes to strike gold amid the massive piles of second-hand goods.

Is there any item of clothing/jewelry that you sold or gave away or lost along the way that you wish you could get back?

  1. Ahhh the denium jackets are soooo 90s.. but they look good!

    I lost a newly purchased belt the other week. It didnt even make it back to my place 😦

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