Spring Slump

It seems I have hit the wall. I’m creatively challenged, emotionally overwhelmed and (possibly) quite sick with either mononucleosis or walking pneumonia. I have 2 more weeks of class, then finals and my motivation has left the building. Sorry to be such a downer, but I’m hoping I’m not the only one who gets this way sometimes. When your batteries need to be recharged, what do you do?

I cocoon myself and pretty much avoid anything that requires me to leave the couch. I love hot baths, warm blankets, ice cream, magazines, my husband and my dogs – everything else sort of falls by the wayside until I feel like I handle the world again. This weekend relaxing may have finally tipped the scales back towards embracing life outside of my apartment. I cooked and baked and drank wine and I slept, a lot.

Tofu Spinach and Potato Curry

A little baba ghanoush

Moroccan chicken tagine with fennel and olives over couscous

I also made baklava, but forgot to photograph it.  My husband’s boss gave us a bottle of homemade wine back around New Year’s, but it was in the back of the cupboard, so we had forgotten about it.  We also may have intentionally forgotten because we were afraid it might be awful.  Turns out it was fantastically delicious and I wish we had another bottle!

Also on the relaxing agenda was lots and lots of movies.  I watched Mulholland Drive for the very first time – yes, I am way behind on that one.  It was really thought provoking and it was great seeing Naomi Watts’ first big role.  She is probably one of my favorite actresses.

Spending so much time at home is also making me realize that we need to actually get around to decorating our place a bit better.  I love the space and the light, but we have lots of very tall, white walls that call for big artwork.  For example:

I think I’m okay with the one brick wall being empty, but the white walls are sort of driving me nuts.  If you had the space to fill, what would you do with it?  I’m not great in the area of interior design, so any thoughts are appreciated!

  1. The food looks delicious! I like your bedroom, looks clean simple and cosey! Your dogs look comfortable 😉

    I Agree with de-cluttering! Feels good! I should do it more often XD

    • KateSouth
    • April 20th, 2010

    My dogs make themselves comfortable pretty much anywhere…I can’t sit down anywhere without them running over and draping themselves on my lap and across my shoulders (if I am sitting on the couch)! Bedroom is definitely streamlined, that’s basically my aesthetic, but I need more art!

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