Okay, sorry for that momentary lapse in composure, but that was my reaction upon hearing (or rather, seeing) that a certain someone had reappeared in Sex and the City.  Any guesses?

Aidan!  After the first movie, I was content to see Carrie with Big.  However, seeing Aidan’s face in the same screen as Carrie’s has got me all sorts of confused – Carrie, too.  This definitely confirms what the ‘big conflict’ will be in this part of the SATC saga.

I know some people find it cheesy, but SATC reminds me of so many good times with my friends all gathered together to watch the next episode, and finding our lives sometimes mirroring the plot.

I’m a girls’ girl to the core and have made it through every stage of my life with a core group of close lady friends – the kinds who will come over without a moment’s hesitation when your heart is breaking, know exactly when to rescue you from a skeezy dude who won’t leave you alone, and who make you laugh so hard you cry.  I hope to be friends with these people when I am 80.  So, on May 28, 2 days after I graduate from law school, you will find me in a theater with my ladies watching another foursome of friends rescue each other on the screen.

  1. I’ll also be seeing this with my best girlfriends, whoI’ve been hanging out with since Sex & the City first debuted on HBO (before that, actually).

    But I’m worried… the first movie didn’t really live up to the TV show (though it was enjoyable), and sequels are never as good as the original. I’m scared this one will flat out suck and ruin all my wonderful memories of SATC. I really, really hope the movie proves me wrong!

      • KateSouth
      • April 9th, 2010

      I agree about the first movie, but I still watch it pretty much anytime it appears on HBO. I just have a soft-spot for the SATC ladies. But I really do hope this one ends the SATC story with a bang instead of a dud.

  2. aaahh i knowww!! I actually really can’t wait to see this and this trailer is getting me a riled up! lol


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