Street Style Up-and-Comer

As much as I love the runway shows, I find street style photos probably even more interesting.  It’s on the street that you get to see how individuals take what they see on the runway or in a magazine and interpret it to fit their lifestyle, career, comfort.  I have been a long-time follower of The Sartorialist, but just today I found another street style photographer whose work I love, Jason at Citizen Couture.  A former tax professional, his blog has been around for exactly one year and he has gotten some great shots of well-known and loved fashion industry insiders, along with some more anonymously stylish people.  Two of my favorites from recent times:

Kate Lanphear

Miroslava Duma

These two are probably easy subjects to photograph due to their obvious stylishness and natural gorgeousness, but I particularly love how he chose the window half-down as a way to frame Kate’s face, and the way the wind caught Miroslava’s hair and jacket just a bit and gave it movement.

Photo Credit: Citizen Couture

  1. last pic – jacket, dress bags and shoes… wow, effortless style!

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