Lady Crush: Ginnifer Goodwin

As a fellow short person, I hate using the word, but Ginnifer Goodwin really is adorable.  I fully admit that I am probably biased as I too am, as previously mentioned, short, pale and dark haired.  However, I love her style.  She picks outfits that are a bit unexpected and isn’t afraid of color.  I also think that her pixie cut is beautiful and it makes me want to take scissors to my hair!  Luckily I have told my stylist to keep the scissors away until I have at least 3 more inches of length, but I might just beg her to forget the promise and chop it all off!

In Dior at a Dior Beauty Dinner.

In Topshop and H&M

Those earrings!  That clutch!

Love the color, so flattering with her eyes.

Love how she works this red on the red carpet.

Seriously, how gorgeous.  Those earrings are really beautiful, and I love how she isn’t afraid to mix color.

Also, she shows up at events for the Humane Society, making me think that she has a soft spot for animals, which always makes me like someone a bit more.

Photo Credit: WWD

  1. She is so uniquely gorgeous. She looks feminine yet edgy at the same time

    • CT
    • March 22nd, 2010

    Adorable really is a perfect descriptor for her. Not only is she gorgeous, but she seems perfectly lovely and like she’d be a lot of fun to just hang out with. I envy her haircut for sure, though I don’t think I’d ever have the courage (nor the right face shape) to copy it.

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