One of those weeks

With all the bags under my eyes right now, I probably look like a basset hound or some equally droopy puppy.  It was a rough week.  Lots of reading for school, long days, sore feet from too much time in heels…and the worst part is that I don’t even get a full weekend.  Tomorrow morning I am back at school for a bar exam prep course.  Good times.  The only redeeming part aspect of Saturday morning schooling?  Seeing all my friends. I have a great group of friends, and I love them dearly even if we see far too little of one another outside of class/school.

Speaking of friends, how sweet do these three look?

I love the Sex and the City series, perhaps mostly because it makes me nostalgic for my college friends.  It’s clear that these ladies are close from having spent so much time together over the years during the series and now during the films.  I cannot wait until I am in my 40s and have decades of friendship to cherish and the same people to brunch with then as I do now.  I am not big on having a huge group of ‘friends’ who are mostly acquaintances…I just try to put more effort into a few key friendships and I hope that they last until I am old and wrinkly.

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