Last Looks: McQueen’s Legacy

Most of us do not get to choose our last words, but Alexander McQueen’s last creations speak louder than words.

Because he took his own life, he would have known that these are the last pieces we would see originate from his imagination.  I hope he was proud as they are are regal, ethereal, and simply stunning.  I know that his label will continue on, and I hope that it manages to keep true to his pioneering spirit, but these pieces remind us that he was in the prime of his career and had so much more ahead.  I’m saddened that we will never get to see what he thought of next, but I am grateful that his team finished these ensembles so that we could all have one last look at the genius of Alexander McQueen.

Photo Credit: WWD

  1. Every time i think about his passing i can’t help but feeling completely devastated… this last collection just proves how much of loss him being gone is for the fashion industry. His genius is really rare to come by and i don’t know how long it’ll be until someone else like him comes around.

    • KateSouth
    • March 10th, 2010

    I still get choked up if I think about it too much. The lost potential, combined with knowing that he must have been in such a dark place to commit suicide just gets to me…

  2. I still can’t get over a fact that he’s gone. What a loss 😦 He’s a genius!


  3. i really love mcqueen latest show, i totally missing him!

  4. really good work.. thats to bad it had to end in such a tragic way 😦

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