Sleepy Sleepy

I may or may not have looked like this at 3:30 am this morning, while studying for the MPRE:

The MPRE is an ethics exam that is a pre-cursor to the bar exam.  Apparently they think potential lawyers need lessons in ethics, I wonder why…

At any rate I put off studying until very late because I was consumed with schoolwork this work and so I got 3 hours of sleep, took the MPRE this morning and then proceeded to take a 6 hour ‘nap.’  I cannot wait to be done with school.

On the bright side, I had Greek brunch before I crashed and discovered Shaksouka at Kanella:

I was too tired to remember to bring my camera to brunch, but it looks something like that above.  A tomato/bell pepper stew with poached eggs and tons of spices, including cumin and fennel.  It was served with grilled, spiced crusty bread.  We finished brunch by sharing Galatokourepo, a custard in between phillo pastry, drizzled with orange syrup.  Amazing.  If you live in Philadelphia and are looking for a different take on brunch, I highly recommend Kanella.

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