All Good Things Come to an End

…And so it goes with spring break.  My very last spring break ever (I am stopping with a law degree – no more school after this!) ends today and it is bittersweet.  I am thisclose to finishing my degree, but that also means I am almost back out into the real world (I worked for 4 years between undegrad and law school) and the law job market is horrific, which is scary when you have the student loan debt that most of us law students carry and only a 6 month grace period once you graduate.

No matter what the future holds, all in all I think I made the most of my break.

I baked and ate way too much of this:

I drank more than my fair share of this:

I hung out with my pups:

And I explored my still-new home, Philadelphia, a bit more:

I’m certain that come my first class tomorrow I will be wishing for another week off, but I am mostly happy to start the last 3 months of my law school career and be one step closer to being a real-life attorney.  It’s my last chance to start fresh, stop procrastinating (I’m having trouble keeping a straight face just typing that), and enjoy being a student with all the caffeine-filled late study nights and page after page of dry legal texts it involves.  Wish me luck!

  1. thank u for ur comment!! love ur posted some yum food!! nice photo(im hungry now!!haahah)

  2. thanks for your kind msg 🙂 the food looks awfully good!

    congrats on graduating law school! my sister is also finishing up law school – she says finding training contracts are difficult. Anyway, good luck with job hunting!!

  3. Sounds totally perfect 🙂

  4. I remember these times, both exciting and terrifying! I hear you when you say ‘no more school’! I did my undergrad degree then started over with something completely different in college and left after the 2nd of 3 years because I figured with all that school I was more than ready to get out there and work!

    It’s certainly tough out there but something tells you you’ll make it. 🙂

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