Personal Productivity

KateSouth: 1 – Laziness: 0

Today I made a (fruitless) 2 mile round-trip walk to the post office.  I say fruitless because they decided to return my package to Amazon without even indicating anything on the pink slip left in my mailbox – the bastards – this after not delivering it on the day I particularly scheduled because my schedule is so ridiculous that I can only be home during very specific periods.

After my walk, I got coffee at my favorite coffee shop, ChapterHouse, just around the corner from my place.  I came home, sipped my coffee and cleaned myself up to venture out for a few more errands.

I took some pants to get hemmed after putting it off for, quite literally, 6 months.  I took 3 pairs of shoes to the cobbler to get re-heeled.  I wore a pair of jeans that I had completely forgotten about because they were hiding on a shelf and felt like I had just gone shopping because they are still so new!  I did some preliminary searching for a birthday gift my my husband’s upcoming 29th birthday.  I cleaned our place, went grocery shopping, and made what turned out to be surprisingly good vegetarian meatloaf and garlicky asparagus.

Now I am studying French and listening to music with my husband and our pups.  All in all, a very productive day, indeed.

Love this video for Bat for Lashes – What’s a Girl To Do.  So odd.

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