T Minus 2.5 Hours

I have my last final exam of the term in 2.5 hours and I am so looking forward to being finished. This exam is not as stressful as the others because it only counts for 60% of my grade, as opposed to 100%. I already wrote a paper and participation also counted for 20%.

My ‘spring break’ is next week and I already have many things planned out for my time off.

1. Sleep In

When I am stressed, the first thing to go is my sleep. I am an insomniac generally, and the pressure of finals triples the problem. The dark circles under my eyes and the dulling of my skin is an unpleasant side effect and I look forward to catching up on my sleep.

2. Read magazines

I have a stack of about 7 magazines that have come in the mail in the past month or so that I haven’t touched because I have been too busy. This is highly unusual for me as I typically devour them in the first day. But their glossy pages have sat neglected while I have been on a frenetic study spree.

3. Spring Cleaning

I need to get so many things cleaned around our place. My closet could use a good purging. My accessories need to be polished. Surfaces need to get scrubbed. Honestly, this will probably be the first thing to happen because I can’t relax until things are straightened up/cleaned, which added to my finals stress because of the growing piles of dust and junk that had to be ignored. My husband works a lot, too, so we both have been neglecting to clean.

4. Clothes to the Tailor/Shoes to the Cobbler

I have a couple pairs of nice pants that are in dire need of a hemming and several pairs of shoes that desperately need to be re-heeled. I tell myself to do it on the weekends (it has been on ‘the list’ for at least a month), but it never works out. This time, there are no excuses. I have a whole week to run a 30 minute errand.

5. Baking

Baked goods plump me up like nothing else, but I love to bake. Thankfully, I have a husband who is incredibly active and will inhale whole batches of brownies so that I eat only one or two. It’s really a relaxing thing for me and I love the way it makes our place smell! During Christmas, I didn’t make the Cardamom Coffee Cake that has been a tradition in our family for years. So I am going to whip one up. The mixture of cinnamon, nuts, cardamom and chocolate chips is irresistible.

6. Practice French and Korean

I am always resolving to learn more languages and at the moment I am particularly obsessed with French. My husband is Korean, and his parents mostly speak Korean, so trying to learn has been on my to-do list for over 7 years. Unfortunately, it has been nearly impossible for me, even though I lived in Korea for 7 months! But, I keep picking up my books when I have free time and trying to work on it a bit. French, on the other hand, makes much more sense to me – grammatically and vocabulary-wise – because I already speak Spanish, and because it is more ubiquitous in movies, on products and in general use. I just need to expand my vocabulary and I think I will be proficient fairly quickly.

So, those are the priorities for next week. If you had a week to do nothing, what would you do?

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