Persuasive Anna

Anna Wintour used her power of persuasion, along with the help of Carine Roitfeld and Hamish Bowles, to convince French government officials that they were not sufficiently supporting French fashion designers’ abilities to develop and compete with their British and American counterparts.  Ms. Wintour’s meeting with Industry Minister Christian Estrosi proved fruitful as the government announced plans to help finance start-up projects and create graduate programs in design.  Another aspect of the plan?  Relaxing France’s 35 hour work week during fashion week so that employees in fashion houses can work the long hours necessary to pull off the shows.

I think that the financing and higher education aspects are fantastic, but I am torn on the work hours.  One of the integral parts of my fantasy of someday moving to and working in France is the 35 hour work-week!  Then again, I probably won’t be assisting in fashioning any runway shows, so the 35 hours would probably still apply.

What are your thoughts on the relaxation of the 35 hour work-week limit?  Necessary evil or unnecessary nuisance?

On another note, I love how Anna and Carine look like they coordinated in their outerwear.  It’s not matchy-matchy, but in the similar vein.

Photo Credit: Getty Images via NYMag

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